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Author: Yi Wang on 1/2/2009 8:52:00 PM

  I found your web site in Family Keepers magazine. I have questions
about ABA therapist. How did you find a good ABA therapist? What
made you hire them? How much per hour do your therapists charge you?
Do you increase their hourly rate yourself or they will ask for it?
Do you or your therapists set up his goals? I had hard time to find
a good ABA therapist. My current ABA therapist took advantage of me.
Thank you very much for any of your response.

[ 5 ] 回應: 作者: 瑾心 日期 1/28/2009 2:05:00 PM

  Dear Cathy,
You are correct! Unless parents are occupied by work.

Autistic children should be trained at home and applied his learning to school and general environment. To understand why my kid can't pick up the presentation through the certain ABA programs by therapists is to observe the session and to find out the blind spot.
I specially recommend these 7 books:
1. A work in progress by Ron Leaf & John McEachin, published by DRL books.
2. Behavioral Intervention for Young children with Autism by Maurice Green & Luce, published by Pro.ed
3. Materials from www.talkingwords.com , I recommend, "talking targets".
4. More Than Words by Fern Sussman, published by The Hanen Program.
5. Relationship Development Intervention with Young Children (RDI) by Steven E. Gutstein & Rachelle K. Sheely, published by JKP. www.rdiconnect.com
6. Let Me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice, published by Fawcett
7. A parent's Guide to Autism by Charles A. Hart, published by Rocket Books

My son had ABA programs directly from UCLA Lovaas, so I didl receive information from the program provider regarding any ABA training seminar through past years. I also attend annual seminar host by Casa Colina Medical Center, Pomona, California. I accepted training sessions from RDI and received certification too.

Yes, I did try Floor Time. It is useful if you are a playful parent or you have a playful therapist. It focuses on social skill but doesn't help language. If it involves in social setting, I will need therapist to coach other kids when I guide my son to respond to any social encounters.

Comparing with RDI, Floor time is seasonal. When our child's peers grow out of floor time play, floor time will be an impossible social setting.

[ 4 ] 回應: 作者: Cathy 日期 1/24/2009 6:01:00 PM

  Dear 瑾心,

From your reply, it seems you don't need to hire a ABA therapist to do intensive ABA, we parents can do it ourselvies, right? The reason you need to hire someone is because you are working, or because it is more effective for somebody else to do ABA? Where do you learn how to do the therapy, any recommended book or seminar?
I also learned there are other therapy like Floortime, which seems to be more suitable for small kids, what's your opinion? Have you tried it, or do you think it is proper to try different method at the same time?

Thanks a lot! It is great to see so much useful information on the website...

[ 3 ] 回應: 作者: Yi 日期 1/8/2009 11:57:00 AM

  My ABA therapist asked for $17/hr while she was in her last year of graduate school August 2006. She raised her rate to $19/hr at year 2007 right after she got her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) license. Last year, year 2008, she raised her rate $1/hr for every quarter. Therefore, at the end of year 2008, her rate became $22/hr. At the last day of year 2008, she sent a letter to inform us that she decided to raise her rate again to $25/hr. I made decision immediately to terminate service with her the day after I received the letter. She didn't do her job well. The most important thing to her was/is MONEY. Actually, your website influenced me a lot. I was so afraid and frustrated when I first heard about ABA. I know nothing about it. Just like one of my friend said that parents like us always think that something is better than nothing. Our child may get better if we were willing to spend money. I was so wrong. We let her waste a lot of precious time already (I will tell you the story later.), and it's time to stop it.
Thank you for the monster.com idea. I will definitely use that channel to find my next ABA therapist. Most (almost every) parent I knew had hard time to find an ABA (not a good ABA) therapist here. That's why they can dare take advantage of us.
I already told the leader of our support group your wonderful website. Thank you for your help.

[ 2 ] 回應: 作者: 瑾心 日期 1/3/2009 1:34:00 AM

  1. 我在 monster.com 付費登廣告找高中生、大學生,並戴明薪水,$12/hr起薪,6個月調薪至$15/hr.

2. 我會面誠應甄者,並要求他們與康兒玩耍,以便觀察應甄者是否能有耐心和真情逗自閉兒玩,我個人經驗:無法與康兒在玩樂中有互動,根本不能教ABA.

3. 我在房內裝置閉路電視,觀察老師的ABA教導,我完全掌控,ABA program的諮詢師事先所設定的3個月的短期目標,也會因康兒的學習進度,被我要求有彈性的變更,因我的原則是:目標是死的,小孩是活的! 諮詢師僅是僱來的顧問,只有父母是一生要對孩子頁責的!我的投入也是我的堅持.

4. 如果老師對孩子只是應付為拿錢,我基本上是不留人,因我要保護康兒的心在愛中,他的自閉更需要父母保守他願意接納人,而不是勉強別人接納我的孩子,我的家教很尊敬我,在情人節,我會替康兒預備巧克力糖用老師,聖誕節我也會送禮卷給老師,以表謝意.


[ 1 ] 回應: 作者: Yi 日期 1/2/2009 9:07:00 PM

  You are more than welcome to reply in chinese. Thank you.  
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